"Parents are the primary educators
as they are the first ones to accompany
the child to develop himself."
Brigitte Haider, EPA, Austria


1 year membership of € 100,00 (ex 21% vat) gives you:

  • an international network in which to air your interests;
  • the chance to work together with inspiring and experienced partners;
  • a stimulating international environment with a clear agenda;
  • the opportunity to learn about innovative approaches to dealing with important subjects such as health, the school-home relationship and the media skills and awareness of all involved;
  • the chance to be an advocate for the issues on which you contribute;
  • the opportunity to have a contribution included in the final publication;
  • easy access to research;
  • partners are free to select suitable people from their own network to attend one lecture a year;
  • access to 10 lectures a year in Amsterdam.

Would you like to give a lecture, workshop or book presentation or present your latest research results? Please contact us!

We will take care of the location, promotion and offer you a free stay with 2 people in the House of Wishes in the city centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You automatically become a free honour member for 1 year.


Groenburgwal 59 • 1019 HT Amsterdam The Netherlands • +31(0)20 626 5757
Groenburgwal 59 • 1019 HT Amsterdam The Netherlands • +31(0)20 626 5757