"Schools are the key settings
for promoting physical activity
and physical education."
Ian Young, IUHPE, Scotland

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WISHES is a professional international network of researchers, teachers, practitioners, policy makers, opinion leaders and other specialists in the areas of health and education. WISHES® is all about sharing knowledge and experience about education, health literacy*, socialization studies, social science more generally and physical activity research. How do we share? Check the agenda and find out about the inspirational monthly curriculum that provides opportunities for professional development, exchange of ideas and international networking. The aim of the WISHES® program is to bring together professionals to empower young people each day. We promote and facilitate learning and teaching designed to favour children’s physical and social development, putting that development in a broader context both within school and outside it.


* Children who get sufficient physical exercise are more stable, sociable, intelligent and creative. Physical exercise is constantly decreasing in today’s society and in the current school system. As a result the development of children is slowing down significantly in many areas. It is our mission to place physical exercise high on the agenda of the educational system and at home by making schools, teachers and parents more aware of its importance.

for our children

WISHES® is open for everyone. Already we are in contact with many professionals and members. Do you have ideas, experience or knowledge to share? Please join us, for a better future for each individual child.

Groenburgwal 59 • 1019 HT Amsterdam The Netherlands • +31(0)20 626 5757
Groenburgwal 59 • 1019 HT Amsterdam The Netherlands • +31(0)20 626 5757